UX research

centered on human cognition

For as long as I can remember, I have wondered about how the human mind works. How do humans think? How do they interact with their surroundings? These questions are all about human cognition, and they led me directly into a career in cognitive science. Answering questions like these are central to user-centered design. I've been pursing answers to such questions throughout my professional career.

As a UX researcher, I bring 15+ years of professional research in cognitive science and linguistics, including usability testing. My publications and presentations span disciplines of psycholinguistics, electrical engineering, cognitive modeling, and theoretical linguistics. Each of my research projects presents a unique research problem, requiring a unique and innovative solution. 

No matter what my role in the research team is, no matter how short or long the project lasts, no matter how profound or mundane the findings are…I remain passionate about the quest for understanding human cognition and how that affects a person’s experience in the world. The research process is invigorating for me.


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